Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations require a system in place to inspect, repair and maintain all motor vehicles within an organization. As such, an essential part of transportation operations is their vehicle maintenance program. Our policy ensures that all of our company motor vehicles are well-maintained and safe to operate at all times.

Our system includes the following aspects:

Performance Standards: Clearly stated performance standards allow us to establish and clarify expectations for quality amongst all of the members of our company. We work as a team to ensure that vehicle safety is up to our standards, from the mechanics at our garage and operators on the road to the associates and management in the office.

Experienced Technicians: Our operators are experienced in navigating the road, and our technicians and mechanics are skilled in maintaining our mini and motor coaches. They are trained and experienced in proper techniques to inspect, repair, and maintain commercial motor vehicles. 

Operator Inspections: Operators are legally required to complete and log pre-trip inspections of the safety components and conditions of their vehicle before leaving the garage. This allows maintenance personnel to promptly examine and/or repair potential issues. Post-trip inspections are completed before the driver ends their shift and offer a record for inspection of any concerns highlighted.

Regular Maintenance: We adhere to manufacturer-recommended and Department of Transportation-required maintenance schedules. Our regular maintenance inspections include, but are not limited to, examining lights, windows, seats, fluids, tires, cooling systems, and belts, all vital and critical to ensuring safe operation of our vehicles.

Record-Keeping: Our records for each vehicle include all repair orders, procedures performed, and maintenance inspection dates for given periods of time. Our record-keeping procedures allow us to make logical decisions regarding our vehicles and ensure accountability in adhering to maintenance schedules.

Our meticulous maintenance processes reflect our commitment to providing safe and reliable services to our customers. Your safety is important to us. We will always take every effort to make sure that the passengers on board our vehicles are afforded with the necessary level of care and attention that they deserve.

We are proud of our maintenance program and confident that our industry-leading solutions will keep our equipment running safely on the road each and every day.